Why Lydiant

Here’s a Common Scenario in Singapore:

Your friend Joe, has engaged a local web design agency, but only to find out that they have zero technical knowledge and have completely outsourced the website development.

Miscommunication still occurs after countless calls or emails. The website looks like it was built a decade ago, way different from what was initially agreed. It’s an absolute horror story, more terrifying than watching The Ring.

The agency doesn’t understand what’s a “mobile-friendly website”, tells you that simple feature X can’t be done, and even slaps on a bunch of extra charges.

Sleepless nights, project delayed, budget exceeded, requirements not met. Joe’s not alone – you probably know someone with a similar experience too.

Keen to break out of this cycle? Lydiant Interactive was started to solve this very problem.

No more communication breakdowns

We speak your language.

Tired of speaking to a sales rep who doesn’t know anything about tech? At Lydiant, all our consultants are well-versed in WordPress and analytics. Have your queries answered within 48 hours, if not the same day.

We’ll always clarify anything that we’re unsure of before the development begins. No sudden or hidden costs for additional requirements that you haven’t approved of.

If you’re not a fan of long email threads, you’re in luck. We aren’t either – we use proper project management tools and are happy to cater it to your needs.

Your Technology Partner

We know our stuff, and we’ll grow with you.

Always been told by your agency that feature X isn’t possible? Chances are, it can actually be done – here at Lydiant. We fix what others can’t. We have re-written code from other vendors, and even restored hacked websites.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has created a Best Practices guide which drives our WordPress development process. Rest assured that your website is in good hands.

Prefer to focus on running your business? No problem, we’re happy to help you manage the technical aspect of things. We’re here to stay for the long term; not in this business to make a quick buck from one-time-off projects.

Still have questions?

Put an end to your frustrations now.