About Lydiant

Lydiant Interactive is a fully distributed team of web developers and designers headquartered in  sunny Singapore. Our name draws inspiration from the term ‘lydian‘, which is a musical scale commonly used in jazz music.

Our primary focus is helping businesses to meet their goals, with the help of our favourite tool – WordPress.

Your Trusted WordPress Expert
Your Trusted WordPress Expert

Your Trusted WordPress Expert

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management software, powering about 27% of the Internet. It can be used to build anything from a website or an online store, to an appointment booking system.

Our developers have spent years working mostly on WordPress to really understand it inside out. We have built high-traffic websites for clients across various industries, and even fixed issues where others have failed.

P.S. Did you know that each version of WordPress is named after a jazz musician?

Our Beliefs

Swift Development

We value your precious time.

Cost Efficient

We give you value for your money.

Scalable Approach

We deliver sustainable value.

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